A few classic photos of some of the many surfing pioneers from all over the UK.Above South African lifeguards and Jersey surfers lineup for a paddleboard race at St Ouen, 1958. Photo by John Houlebecq.
John Smith and Ian Davies, Saltburn in the north east ,mid 60s
Langland bay crew, 1965, photo by John Goss.
Brighton pioneer Sean Mahoney, 1965, photo by Jerry Mahoney
Doug Wilson and Bill Bailey, Newquay 1963. Lifeguard Doug used to play his trumpet to let surfers know he was finishing for the day.
Robin Salomon and Ian Wishart, Mull of Kintyre 1970. I once shared the lineup here with an otter and have had some great uncrowded surfs here. Photo by Andy Bennets.
Boards against the wall at St Ives, september 1965. These shots show the strength of surfing in St Ives; in the early 60s it virtually overshadowed Newquay as the surfing capital