The seven paths to olo surfboard enlightenment

There are seven paths to the enlightened state of Olo royalty.

1) Buy a board from Roy Stewart ( go straight to heaven )

2) Build a board to one of Roy's designs. ( Roy did his time in the desert making boards with only a couple of simple handtools, and recommends it to hard core pages. . it demonstrates their toughness and shows their willingness to accept pain )

3) Employ an artisan to make one. There is a man in Japan who made a beautiful "island rocket' Roy Stewart design and there are many builders in Australia who could do the same ( a balanced route )

4) Take the principles of pure surfing and apply them to your own designs ( it works )

5) Enlighten your local foam scraper by explaining the principles of pure surfing to him when ordering your next custom foamie ( not for the faint hearted it's the St George option )

6) Talk about it on forums while never doing it. ( This is the easy path but it takes 3,500 years )

7) The priceless gift exchanged for priceless gift option ( known as barter to the vulgar )