Wooden Board Day 2010

We were blessed with great warm winters day weather today for the 2nd Annual Wooden Board Day. Around 24c , offshore winds and waist to chest high waves. A great mix of people and some wonderful boards on display.

Richard Harvey showed off his innovative board and fin system all in Paulownia

Slide in the cut down chop stick and that locks it all in place. Also the board is shape in such a way that it can be surfed up one side or swap ends and surfed the other way round.

Nobby from Japan for the weekend was very excited to meet Tom Wegener who then invited him up to Noosa over the next couple of days before heading back to Japan.

Tony Crimmins with his newly finished all Paulownia board.

Nobuhito ( Nobby ) and his wife Asako with a couple of his boards he brought out from Japan for the day.

This guy had these great art boards if you like that were shaped from rough timber slabs that had surfboard shapes waiting to be uncovered by a creative eye. Something Fred Finstone may have ridden.

Andrew Wells from Grown Surfboards Lennox Heads with a couple of unreal boards.The one on the right has the deck boards made from old hardwood fence palings.

Two great looking all Paulownia chambered boards without glass , just bees wax finish.

Nice timber , classic shape in honour of the past.

An Alaia line up by David from Melbournes Paulownia Plantation timber supplies.

Greg Wheeldon from Brisbane in the throws of building a hollow kite board.

Sunova ( Bert Burger ) Surfboards with some great looking boards

The gentleman on the right is 81 year old Barry Regan from Ballina with boards he still builds.

Gerard Hatton with a range of boards he has built since doing the Paul Jensen course last year.

Some beautifully crafted boards by Manny Oppliger , some of the lightest framed boards around.
An innovative guy new to surfboards but very skilled.

Two likely ladds , Paul Mc Givern and Parrish Watts after a session of belly boarding.


All the way from South Australia was Benjamin Wallbridge with balsa over EPS boards he has been working on.

Tom Wegener Paulownia boards what else. Big fins , one glassed one not.

A proud first timer with his board. Just what it is all about. No matter what , there is no easy way to build a wooden board so there is a lot of mutual respect among those that have built a wooden board.

Biggest board of the day was this 12ft SUP that I designed for Peter Milburn , who did a great job of building it.

Bobby Crisp from New Zealand with his collection of boards.

A nice clean looking Woody Jack Alaia. Laser burnt logo is cool.

Frank Kaczmarek on the left a local bus driver and John Suttclife a truck mechanic from New Zealand on the right. Johns board is all NZ Kauri.

Rob Ivers from Victoria had a couple of great looking boards , this one and a nice fish.

Sam Robinson was keen for run on Toms Tuna. The surf was fun most of the day , the sun was out and there were people swapping boards all day. That was the spirit in which the day was meant to be. Thanks to all who turned up and made it the success it was once again.About 120 board on display and 100's through the park all day.