Woody "Alley Slider" ready for action.

At Christmas I shaped a 10ft x 24" x 3 1/2" "Pig" inspired old school log for fun. The piggy bit comes from the fact that the wide point is 18" behind centre and that is the thickest point as well.
The original pigs had rolled bottoms tip to tail. Mine has a concave in the nose that runs right through to the wide point which is rolled but then gets more V out through the tail.It all works great and is such a fun board to ride. Step forward and she just takes off and with the fuller nose it is very stable to nose ride. Step back and it just pivots round the fin.

So I set about building a wooden version with the same dimensions.I look forward to the feel between the two.

I went with the resin tint to give it a different look but still have the wood grain come through.

Brothers or cousins ? I look forward to the glide. All built from Paulownia. 6mm frame , 8mm deck and 6mm bottom. Plenty strong enough even unglassed and weighing it at just under 10kg I could have oiled it and surfed it like that it felt a great weight and strong as. But ended up with 4oz top and bottom to toughen up the surface. Not sure of the finished weight but it feels fine.

This is a Future Fins " El Capitan" at 9.5" . I tried it in the foam Alley Slider and it was loose , but I like the stability of the Hatchet fin , so "Wiz" is making me a 10.5" Hatchet and a 11.5" flex fin for it in beer colour tint.