70s Tris twin keel fish

Sporting my favourite logo in British surfing is this great early 70s kneeboard fish by Tris Cokes. It was found recently by Myles for under a tenner ! Good karma on that day obviously. It was probably influenced by Steve Lis' fish designs from the late 60s onwards, which were originally for kneeboards but guys like Reno Abellira started standing up on them and it revolutionised surfing. Myles' is very much a kneeboard, 5'3 x 20 1/4 with very pronounced scoop deck, wide thick swallow tail and tons of volume at the nose. I picked it up and its still super light after all these years of use. Nice original twin keels, and it looks like a wrist leash was worn by the owner - there's a leash loop up by the nose. A great little board, rare to see an original British one.