SOLD: Atlantic POD bonzer EVO5/6 – your flexible friend

EVO5 bonzer The Atlantic POD - Tim Stafford Custom Surfboards, Cornwall

Traditional bonzer EVO5 set-up:

For those who love the pivot and smooth rail to rail transition of the traditional bonzer set up. EVO5 features changes to the bonzer side fins for additional drive in slower lower energy waves typically found in the UK.  This set up is well suited to any size surf and will deliver the typical bonzer experience.

EVO6 bonzer set-up:

EVO6 bonzer Atlantic POD - Tim Stafford Custom Surfboards, CornwallThis is ideal for beach breaks where you want to get immediate drive mid face to get going down the line. Using FCS MR side fins to replace the single fin there is heaps of drive and hold. Suited to power surfers and those who like plenty of fin to push against.


Arc EVO6 bonzer for smaller waves:

EVO6 bonzer with CRV sides - Tim Stafford Custom Surfboards, CornwallThis fin allows more easy rail to rail transitions than a conventional fins. The curved profiles have less resistance to go from rail to rail, and therefore it feels more like a single fin bonzer, but with the extra initial drive of the twin rear fins. Ideally suited to smaller, slower waves as the fins offer less resistance to turn.

ARC2 EVO6 bonzer for smaller waves:

EVO6 bonzer with CRV rears - Tim Stafford Custom Surfboards, CornwallWant the lower resistance but with increased stability, this set up utilises 2 of the rear G-CRV fins, providing a stable but more pivotal experience than the standard EVO6 set-up. Great in more hollow waves for late drops into the barrel and subtle adjustments in the pocket.


Other set-ups:

It really is a matter of personal taste and everyone who has ridden these boards tends to have a different favourite. Try using 2 symmetrical FCS G5 rears for easier turning than the conventional set up. Use Quad asymmetrical foil sides as your rears for more drive. That really is the beauty, experiment and find your favourite. What is proven is that by splitting the rear bonzer single fin effectively in two, and placing them out to the rails the board responds more quickly in terms of drive and that this makes them much more usable in fast beach breaks where you don’t always have the luxury of starting off with a nice bottom turn.
EVO6 bonzer with CRV sides - Tim Stafford Custom Surfboards, Cornwall