Horan-McCoy Nugget bonzer spitfire….

Not one of mine, but something about this design just screams – “try me!”

Its from the ProBox fins site/blog and the templates (board and fins) are pure McCoy/Horan, with a little reverse Campbell Bros thrown in.

The reverse (to norm) foil is meant to be the lowest drag option, which is why this is a more common shape on boats now than swept back like a conventional surfboard fin.

I had the best barrels of my life on my McCoy Nugget in both Indo and the Caribbean. I guess I may have to make a version in the very near future, add the EVO vortex bottom, foil up a spitfire fin… find some decent waves to try it in – watch this space…

solo horan 012

What year am I going back to with this one Phil? Smile