Davids first board

" Hi Grant

I have just come home from an awesome week spent with Paul Jensen at his recent Coast workshop. I'm so proud of my board I wanted to share with you and your readers.

As you know Paul is an amazing individual but the fact I was able to achieve what you see in the picture is pretty phenomenal considering the only tool I was familiar with before the workshop was the sanding block. This is a credit to his method and certainly validates his approach to board building."

" I'd like to thank to Paul Jensen for sharing his knowledge. Not only do I have a epic looking board, I also came away with new skills.

And the great friends I made during the class just made the week even more memorable.

Also, I live in Newcastle and was wondering if you could put me in touch with Derek (from Redhead - Newcastle) who attended you class last year. I need to find a glasser in Newcastle comfortable in glassing a wooden board and fins."

Doing a class is a great way to learn new skills and face new challenges and it is great that David has wanted to share is experience. I don't know David at all but I am sure he will be the first to say he also learnt alot about himself after the experience.If you surf and would like to build a board it is a very rewarding thing to do. You will have a new found appreciation for what others have done.There is no easy way to build a wooden board and so you will gain a mutual respect for others that have had a go.

So if you would like to do a class then get hold of Paul Jensen and organise one and make it happen for you and your friends. Paul has all the info on what to get together and how many people are needed to make it worth his while to travel out here once again to teach a class.