fresh from the skip part 2

Here's another board I recently picked up which was on the way out - the way out being the tip, where it would have sat rotting underground for the next few hundred years ! On a happier note its now having light restoration to get it back to seaworthiness. Its a 5'10 Rockit singlefin made in Newquay around 1981 ish by Phil Clifford. I love this little board - hate to use the word quirky but it is. Squat, floaty, fat in the middle and squeezed either end - with a double stinger or hips at the tail - Phil calls it a swing tail. Reminds me of some of the OMs of the time, but the Rockit is rooted in the 70s too, with a singlefin and even a leash loop rather than a plug. Cool spray and logo definitely more 80s though. When I got it there were some small dings which were covered in copious amounts of the bodgers classic fix - red fibreglass. Luckily they weren't keyed in and just chipped off to reveal a tidy board , same with the tail ends and nose. Dimensions are 5'10 x 20 5/8 x 2 5/8.Phil was one of the early 70s crew at Boscombe pier and Kimmeridge, and enjoyed J bay in the 70s. He worked at Vitamin Sea, then started making his Rockit boards in the early 80s and now works with Nigel Semmens . He still makes some Rockits today.
Phil today