Lesleys new board

Lesley Adamski, has just tested her latest chambered board and here is her report.
" Here are some pics of the latest board! I won’t say finished board coz it took in water and I’ve had to cabinet scrape off the oiled surface, will wait for it to dry out, reglue some failed joints and refinish with epoxy resin! My main worry now is getting the moisture out, getting rid off slight cupping at failed joints and hoping the resin will adhere to any oil residue left in the timber, then whether to surf it or not! Maybe I’ll keep it for a wall hanger! If only I had wall space to hang it on!!! "

" Would like to use a bioresin but is proving difficult to source, I’ve just seen some on the surfing green website that they are trialing but is yet to be released."

"So,oiling (lanotech) the recycled western red cedar, chambered board wasn’t the best idea. Nice idea but water found its way into hairline cracks. I heard water running up and down inside after the surf."
" How did it surf? Great, looser than I expected, sometimes didn’t carry through flatter sections, which could be too much rocker or I just needed to shift my weight forward slightly!"