Paul Jensen Wooden board building classes

Paul Jensen from Washington State USA is a credited with the revival in hollow wooden boards and has set about conducting classes in his construction method.Paul uses the same internal frame method as say the Grain construction but varies in his rail build out.

Paul's boards use laminated cork and bending ply rails as above. Where as the Grain method is cove and bead more akin to their boat building roots.The difference with Paul's courses is that he is mobile and will come to you where ever you are to conduct the class , as long as you have the minimum numbers and a venue for a week to build the boards in.He has conducted classes in many countries in all sorts of situations , so he is very adaptable.

"During a workshop under my guidance you will build a hollow wood board starting with the assembly of a supplied frame kit. After that you will create the deck and bottom “skins” from very thin solid wood strips, fiberglass and epoxy. Next the skins are attached and tensioned to the wood frame. You will then build the outer rails onto the board with bending plywood and cork. Finally the rails are hand shaped and the board is given a light final sanding. At the end of the class the board you have built will ready to take home to be glassed. I will also show you how to apply those epoxy and fiberglass layers when you get home. There are several to choose from."

Paul has options on his classes as well:

Five day
- Build Your Own Board workshops ,
will have up to ten participant build their own board ready for glassing.The actual cost of materials will vary, depending on location. Some places things cost less than others.

Three day - Collaborative Board workshops ,will have up to twenty participant building two collaborative boards, ready for glassing.

Again, the "How To" CD will be included, as will a Template Kit .

The finished collaborative boards will be offered for sale (for the cost of the materials)

to selected class participants, chosen by a random drawing .

If you are interested in being a part of one of these workshops, or would like to organise one in your area , contact him at:

Organise a class