Earl 10'6" Roy Stuart surfboard will be worth its weight in gold bullion !

The Earl 10'6" elite is a shorter and wider version of the highly successful Ghost 12  and Future Primitive 13, both are what are called ( 'In house' ) as Diamond series extreme pintails. The addition of the Earl adds wealth to the range in the FP series, enabling a seamless transition from 13 feet down to 10'6" for the owner of this most expensive and  desirable surfboard collection.

With an identical rocker to the FP 13 and Ghost the wider shorter Earl will be even more agile and manoeuvrable, and will have greater acceleration on takeoff.


Length 10'6"

Width 27"

Thickness 2.5"

Volume 75 litres approx.

Weight 20 pounds approx.

Price: US$417k or 10kg of gold bullion

here's the first frame and rail panel, note the  'parabolic' or perimeter rail, which Roy Stuart surfboards invented in 1994. The  parallel profile perimeter rail is superior in flex and strength qualities to the common parabolic rail now used in the surfboard mass market. A crucial aspect of the parallel profile parabolic rail is the use of multi directional 4, 5, or 6 layer laminations in which the grain direction in each layer of the rail corresponds with and is tied in to the frames and/or deck and bottom planking . This means that there are no anomalies in the structure and consequently the surfboard flexes as a harmonious whole.

Frame spacing here is 6 inches, which is the widest spacing used in the parallel profile sysytem. All frame junctions will be tied together with vertical struts in order to resist internal pressure should it arise 

  The fin is an 11 inch spitfire cutaway built from a multi directional hand laid paulownia panel  and will have whale tubercules on the leading edge.