More foam for Mentawais… Glass Tiger collaboration EVO5 bonzer

This board is going to get a bit trippy when you next see it…

Here we have the EPS core shaped last week… yesterday Jason glassed it in 6oz epoxy on the bottom with 4 oz cut rails all in a pastel olive green… and it looks amazing with its angular rails ready and waiting for next weeks 1.5mm wood deck and some 3/8” parabolic oak rails… then it comes back for a 4 oz clear epoxy deck and rail wrap before it gets its FCS bonzers in an EVO5 set-up. So it is half Glass Tiger half epoxy Cleanline for Indo… The shape has a little more rocker than i normally put in to fit the curvy faces we hope to be surfing, and to help control all that speed. Only reservation I have is i don’t want to get hit by those oak rails!

6’7” x 20 1/4” x 2 5/8” finished shape

 P1050247 P1050248