A great story to be shared

A great story from Scott Hayward to share with you...

" Hi Grant,

I've been reading the blog fairly religiously over the last year or so, and I'm happy to report that I finally have some good stuff to share with you!
I just finished my first HWB, a Driftwood Sr. frame kit that I purchased from www.woodsurfboardsupply.com. It took a heck of a long time, but it's done and looking good.

The funny thing is that I'm an unlikely surfer - I live in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) - 8 hours away from the nearest waves. Worse yet, they're east coast US waves, which means the ocean will be pretty much flat until September! Nonetheless, I'm pretty stoked to ride this board.

Because I don't get to surf very often, I took the time to blog the whole process and index it here:

So until this September, I'll be reading your blog and riding my landyachtz longboard as much as possible.

Keep up the great work with the site."


Scott has documented the whole process and shares his experience along the way. Also the costs incured and how he has solved problems that he faced. It is a very insightful piece to be shared and for that I thank him for his efforts.So if you are thinking of building a board , check this out and it may help to answer some questions you have.

Thanks Scott for sharing your story / journey. A nice outcome as well mate.Enjoy the ride.