“Joker” EVO5/6 Longboard bonzer

This is a board I'd been thinking about for some time… a long board with the volume and trimming of a 9’6”+ but the foam and manoeuvrability of something much under 9’0”.

The Joker 9'0 bonzer longboard from Tim Stafford Surfboards P1050697 P1050700

The wide nose is effectively “cut off” and has part of a teardrop concave, with the cut providing an initial straight entry, similar to a Harbour nose channel. This will provide a more stable lift that should trim from the nose through the flatter sections that often pop up on our waves here.

The mid section features a straighter, soft rail line for nose riding and high-line trimming. Don’t expect it to turn from the middle though, this is a board that want to be ridden classically, turn off the tail and walk to the nose.

The tail has a distinct hip to pivot around when you do step back, and then the foiled out narrow tail with bonzer concaves will provide the acceleration, drive and holding power.

The rocker is appropriate for an all rounder of its true length, 5 1/8” in the nose and 3 1/4” in the tail, even and with the apex slightly back to allow for off the lips and floaters when riding off the tail.

Glass job… not sure to go for a classic red tint or clear with some nose bands in khaki + orange pinlines. Views in comments or on facebook welcome.