Surfing Philosophy: A message from Geoff McCoy


I have a good look at your website, absolutely amazing your craftsmanship creativity is mind blowing, great stuff and your asking price must surely take surfboard building to a new level of awareness.
Interesting reading your email, my aim was and still is the big 3 surfing companies dominating surfing and telling surfers that Kelly S 's board was all they need now that is extreme ignorance a clothing company dictating surfboard design for all surfers that is why it has ended up in the situation it is in, no common sense just ego and greed, they got people so off the rails it will take quite a while before it balances out again, but it will ! 

As for charging too much, no way, if I were you I would ignore the people who do not understand and cannot afford to buy your product, they do not  matter, you will survive longer than the young guy who is the latest promotion by the magazines who are dominated by the big 3, Q,RipC and Billabong, what you are doing is far more valuable then anorexic Al Merrick board for $850Aust with a life expectancy of  6 to 12 months, my advice is ignore the ignorant and produce value for money, take care.
Keep surfin