Peter Walker Exhibition

Peter Walker, a Sydney-born surfer, divides his time between Adelaide and working as Associate Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design in New York. Always fascinated by hand skills and fine craftsmanship, Walker’s awareness of the complexity of surfboard performance and design led him to start making his own wooden surfboards – embellished with the work of leading Australian contemporary artists.
Walker has researched and references notable surfboard designers from the past with his series of new hollow boards. Tom Blake, an American who lived in Hawaii in the 1920s, was an early proponent of the surfing lifestyle. He invented the ‘skeg’ or fin which helped to stabilise a board through the water. He also refers to Californian Bob Simmons who in the period immediately following WWII incorporated the new technologies of fibreglass, Styrofoam resin and plywood construction with his experience as an aircraft engineer to experiment with the dynamics of drag and turbulence. The beautiful boards are all meant to be used – yet they take on a presence of sculpture within the gallery space.

The exhibition is open from 28th May to 10th of July at the Gold Coast Arts Centre.

On Saturday 9th July 3 - 5PM Join Peter as he discusses the design and shaping process of his surfboards and collaborations with other artists.

RSVP P 07 5581 6567 / E