Michael Lim's Nice quiver

5'11" H.I.C 80's twinzer fish. A mate bought it from ebay years ago, the 1st owner have it in his garage for 14 years before listing it on ebay. I took over when he became a Dad & unable to travel for waves.

5'4" Mini Arc tail quad by Yuta of Shaka Stics

5'9" DVS twin keels fish. Traded my 1978 Suzuki TS125 street scrambler motorbike w/ a buddy for it.

4'11" Half Moon tail mini-sim inspired twin keels by Yuta of Shaka Stics : http://shakastics.blogspot.com/

5'9" EHO quad fish w/101 bamboo fins, glassed by Moonlight Glassing : http://www.breaksselection.blogspot.com/

5'8" ODY Classic twin keel fish (my 1st fish shape in 2004) Ody was a backyard Mexican shaper that learnt his shaping skills in Cardiff by the Sea in San Deigo. After 9 years & a wife, he went back to Mexico & started his own surfshop at the famous Puerto Escondido "Mexican Pipeline" : http://www.odyboards.com/en/

5'5" double wings quad fish