United Airlines' 'Hemisphere' magazine features the Chieftain surfboard.

From the latest issue of United Airlines'  'Hemisphere' magazine:

Roy Stuart crafts a singular surfboard

"According to surfboard maker Roy Stuart's website, the unusually shaped Chieftain represents a triumph of imagination over practicality - which is pretty much true of surfing itself.  One taste of its smooth, zippy ride and you'll never want to get out of the water again, and that's good, because if you bought a Chieftain you probably had to sell your house."


Jacqueline Detwiler


Human beings have a natural affinity for perfection in all forms.  It is a  desire which is at the core of our existence. We are at peace when we perceive manifestations of geometrical, mathematical and physical principles.  Designing and making surfboards which express these principles is a pursuit which seeks the highest in all things, in order to become one with the primeval forces of the universe. When this is done the surfboard reflects those forces in its shape.