Wooden Fish to raise money for Christchurch Quake disaster relief.

First gluing up for preshaping. When shaped close to final thickness and rockers, the board will again be cut to enable each piece to be chambered.

Just to recap on past posts , Jay Jackman of Sadhana Surfboards in Christchurch were lucky enough to have survived the earthquake earlier this year. And so to help out have set about shaping a board to raise money for helping out.

Shaping complete ready for glassing.

" I’m excited to say the 6’3” Balsa Fish Earth quake Donation Board is now finished. I am really happy with the way it has turned out."

" Our business was only a matter of a few kilometres from the quake epicentre on February 22nd. Our factory is now being held up by temporary timber framing whilst other adjacent
buildings are now red stickered or have been demolished.

Just to recap, I have shaped a timber surf board, basing the design on our most popular local model. The timbers used for the main shape of the board are South American Balsa, renowned in the surfing community as a craftsman’s wood of choice. The centre stringers and fins are
timbers from a demol­ished factory that once stood right behind our own. The board is 6’3” in length, to represent the 6.3mag quake that changed a lot of lives. On the stringer near the tail, I have sprayed a design to represent the view when sitting in the waves looking west to the
mountains of our region. These are in the red and black of Canterbury."

Length: 6’3” Width: 21 7/8” Thickness: 2 7/8” " I have hand made some rimu wall racks to be included (like in photo), so the board can be displayed.

The board is now in the show room for the next week for those who are able to come and have a look. The auction on " Trademe " will begin on Monday 9th May 2011. All money from the
auction will be donated to the Red Cross Christchurch Earth quake Appeal."

Unfortunately there have been many rumbles since we first started our project and they just still keep on coming. This has only continued to remind me of the importance of making this board.

We can now thank fully venture back to our local beaches, just in time to put on our hoods and booties for the winter swell.

Even though it feels like Christchurch is slowly putting itself back together, I hear of many
people still struggling on a daily basis to get back to some sense of normality. I hope this board in some way goes to helping alleviate this.

I wanted to thank you all for following our journey in making the Earth quake Board. Your
support and encouraging comments have been really appreciated. Fingers crossed we get some generous bids.

We also continue to think of all those people facing uncertainty in Japan. Our thoughts are still with you."

To find out more on the board or to make a bit please email Jay :
Jay Jackman jay@sadhanasurfboards.co.nz