Joker resin bands

Resin bands planned for the Joker, below… but finally decided on the resin colour scheme, and the pinlines are going to be resin too, which will add time but be a lovely change from the usual sprayed ones… looking forward to feeling that subtle bump on the rail line as I'm paddling around. If you like this please click on the Facebook like button below and if you hate it send me comment with some other ideas as i probably wont get to this until the end of next week anyway as i still have the bonzer fins to foil out of that lovely American Ash!

I’ve been a bit slow on finishing this one due to other design projects pilling up (including a few eco-renovations at our new place, one of which will be for boards)…  but warming up again with 3 new shortboard bonzers to shape ASAP and a new Glass Tiger collaboration FreakFish to get into the pipeline.