Rogue 9'5" round tailed longboard

Rogue 9'5" by 24' by 2.25" with tunnel plus two fin setup and micro stepped hull.

Here's the paulownia frame and blocking stock.

The construction method is the 3 internal layer system which was used on the Future Primitive 'Ghost' 13 footer, it's used when we need to bend the panels to a tight nose rocker curve.

I'm making a new rocker jig for this board, it's a reproduction of one which we used back in 2000 for a very successful 10'4" but which was lost in our travels ( asi recall it was burnt in the woodstove to bake fish ).

The rocker is 7 inches nose and tail, with a deep single concave, as in the original 10'4" ( over 9'5" this will be reduced to around 5.5" )