EVO3 bonzer Porpoise

My beautiful daughter’s first birthday is rapidly approaching (March) so I thought I’d mark the occasion not only with her first board, but a new model – The Porpoise. 5’4” x 19 1/4” x 2 1/4” bonzer with a Proteck rear 7” fin and mini-EVO3s. This will hang on her ceiling for the next few years and be met with a consistent “when your big enough and brave enough Seren”… it will be  a special day when we finally take it out.

DSC02278 DSC02281 DSC02282

A 6’ x 22 1/2” grown-up version of this board is already in the pipeline. Just love the plan shape.

Designed to be a total wave hog with a really stable platform, but lots of drive and manoeuvrability to carve all over the place. EVO4 fin set up and more rocker than a plan shape like this would suggest, so it should go vert with ease.