A quick Rant about fin drag, Skip Frye, industry icons with clay feet, and clay for brains !

Since the rediscovery of the alaia board it has been assumed throughout the surfing world that finless boards are faster than finned boards and that less fin equals more speed. This assumption has arrived without evidence or even a theoretical basis.Recently Skip Frye supposedly 'proved' his point that less fin is faster in an interview by stating that he heard that Richard Kenvin had been " going faster and making sections that no one elese could make" on a finless board at Oceanside. This is typical of the custard for brains moronic bilgewater that comes out of the mouths of surf industry 'legends'. Looking at this video it's full of half formed and badly formed ideas, conclusions which don't follow from the premises, or which have no premise, and the usual endless name dropping which is a surf industry subsitute for logical thought. It's like a smorgasbord of stupidity:http://mollusksurfshop.com/2010/02/skip-school-life-lessons-with-mr-frye-2/I have to give credit where it's due though, and admit that our 12 foot Future Primitive design was influenced by Skip Frye. . . . . we spoke to Paul Joske back in 1995 about a 12 footer which he produced from Skip Frye specifications, Paul said that the board was too flat, wouldn't turn, spun out when in the curl, and that the tail was too wide. He was right of course and we took the information into account when making the first FP 12Here's the FP 12 with it's massive fin and healthy rocker. .. . it's safe to say that no one in the surfing world apart from ourselves understands how this design works !.