the "pilchard" quad

this is a board i've gotten ready for the fish fry, its the "pilchard"
its one of my stable models that i do regularly.

its a hybrid shortboard/fish, setup here as a quad FCS, 4/4oz deck and 4oz bottom with a protec finish

its a foam resin galaxy on the deck and bottom with an orange tint bottom and smoke tint insert on the deck. this was a revisited concept for the glassing that turned out awesome. everyone that has seen this board loves it and i have a sneaking suspicion it might not last til the fry'. i may have to shape another one.

 its light its fast and you can go anywhere on a wave on this style of board.

 this has been  really popular with those who want a fish but dont want to lose out on performance and want to go vertical.
the "pilchard" is my regular board and i find the kind of board i can ride most of the time.
if i could ride only one style of board this would be it.
it has a shortboard style rail, with a hard edge tail,
so its an easy change over from riding your shortboard
you can get straight onto a board like this and rip it up like your shorty.

the flyers in the rear really help this board to turn shorter and sharper
and gives a nice pivot point right on the rear foot.
this board can be ridden 4"- 6" shorter than your regular board and a little wider,
this one measures up @ 6'0" x 20" x 2 1/2"