pair of aces

a new duo of mals to enjoy the last of summer with

the one on the left you've seen below but the big rig on the right is my new 9'6 the "rough stone rolling" its another model ive been putting some time into lately, refining the design a bit. particularly because we've had such a lackluster season for swell so far. its been a good time to push my mal concepts a bit.
its available in sizes from 8'0 to 10" has a flat rocker with a little tail flip and is a pure noserider/cruiser. three stage rocker with a nose concave as opposed to the pronounced nose "spoon"
oh and you can have it any old you like it
 this one comes in the classic "wheres wally" color scheme
tail patch w/full gloss and polish.

you might see this baby down at the alley shortly, hopefully with ten little piggy's over the nose.