The 13 ft Olo Hikoi continues

This 13 foot board has been travelling since 2007, passed from surfer to surfer. All went well and everyone was stoked until some surf industry guys ( three of them to be exact Randy rarick, Bill Ward and Garrett McNamara ) got hold of the board. They kept it locked away for two years during which time it was ridden only 4 times, I was also unable to get it back, and had to put up with a lot of lies and unsolicted promises which weren't kept. The politics of it all was not what it was supposed to be about. In all three cases I hadn't asked these influential people to get involved, they just took control, and then mothballed the project while posting bad reviews based on their own incompetence and skullduggery.

 Well I finally managed to get Garrett to hand the board over, it wasn't easy he kept stalling saying he really wanted to ride it on the next big swell in order to 'blow some minds' . . . then he would ride his SUP instead, this went on for a long time but now the redoubtable Mr XYZ  has extracted the beast from Garrett's garage where it was stored with the vent closed. Thanks Garrett for doing the decent thing.

She's now in Waikiki for a while !