Ocean Magic team board by Mooney McAllum

Sean saw this board in Newquay the other day and sent in some photos -A rare Ocean Magic 'Team' board shaped by Pete Mcallum . This was shaped in the period pre Nigel Semmens ownership . Channeled bottom , swallow tail , 5"7" x 21" x thick . Twin Fin .Un- numbered . Probably dates from 1979 or 80 and is similar to the short, wide swallow tailed boards Nigel was riding at the time. Its rare to see a 'team ' board like this, who it was made for I don't know - Nigel , Steve Daniel, or one of the numerous young Newquay surfers who were sponsered by Ocean Magic in the early 80s. A cool board, thanks Sean.
N S and Steve Daniel in Oz for the Stubbies 1980, photo by Alex
Here's an O M ad from way back , 1973 to be precise , from Surf Insight no 4 .Which is confusing as I've read an interview with Pete McAllum where he says he started OM in '76 .