The Day Tripper Experiment...

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IT WORKS...!!!!!! Wow, after riding this thing over the last month or so, in waves between 2 ft and 4 ft from D'Bah to Snapper and down the coast, I found this design principal really works. (the principal being, you are a different surfer on your heel side to your toe side) Having a short turning heel side and long turning toe side, made it super easy to surf!!! It felt so good and so fast, usually my deluxe super twin is really smooth off the bottom but slow off the top but with the asymmetrical "Day Tripper" it snaps off the top and cuts back off the heel like my short board and being a quad on my heel side makes the turn effortless.
Kye (my 19 year old son) said the other day after surfing with me, "the transition from rail to rail is so smooth it almost looks mechanical, like a roller coaster without tracks" A carnival of fun...!!!!
This design aspect is truly thought provoking....the true meaning of customised...the variables are endless...from shortboards all the way through to Guns.
If you're confused just ask me any questions and I'll do my best to answer them...Darcy
Stay posted for some surfing footage of this model.