Chateau 41 twin fin

Andy sent in these photos after seeing the post about my Chateau '41 twin fin. I didn't think I'd see another one but here it is - a very similar 1st generation 6ft twin fin along the ideas of Corky Carroll . Made in Wales at Canton in Cardiff by Alan Williams. Dating from 1971/2 it's got the same classic logo and same looking shape with that huge slab of tail, and tiny little fins which weren't canted so you could get stuck going in one direction ! The one of Andy's could also be a custom job , mine was made for Tim Jones. Andy says he's just got it off a mate and doesn't know a lot about the board - which is excusable as they're very rare these days and this is only the second Chateau 41 I've seen. Needless to say the design wasn't a great hit with the majority of riders and other more successful twin fin designs later took over.
My board, which I got hold of last year. Haven't surfed it yet though !