Derek Hynd at J Bay a true finless freak

At the Fish Fry we have seen the emergence if the finless board, starting with Tom Wegener and his Alaias. And then last year Bob McTavish turned up with his "Twin Hot Curl" which was his first finless experiment of recent times I understand. The innovative shapers that have advanced the twin keel fish to what we have today are the ones that are going finless as well. Pushing the boundries of bottom contours and rail shapes that allow this style of surfing. There is no denying that you also have to be a great surfer to start with to get the most out of a finless experience. But the ultimate might have to be the " Yard Possums ". These guys take the cake , as they surf on unglassed pieces of foam with little or no shaping at all.

You can check them out in " The Surfers Journal" Vol 19 number 5 where Tony Alva said " They're the future primitive of surfing. Little , hairless cavemen riding spaceships". I am sure you will see some finless boards at the Fish Fry . Tom Wegener is to be there with a range of his Sea Glass boards to demo.