Many Returns twinnie

Here's a nice late 70s twin fin sent in by Jason, made in Bideford ,North Devon by Brian Adams for Many Returns. As you noticed it has a logo just a wee bit similar to a famous Australian's logo of the time, the superman himself MR. Still it looks a really nice board and one of those useable classics which are great fun to surf. Nice clear fins too.Jason says- 'Thought I'd send you pics of one of my favourite non-Bilbo boards, it's a rare Many Returns twinnie with a bit of a special logo.Shaped in Bideford (North Devon)by 'Many Returns' before they moved to Englands 'premier' surf town. They shamelessley nicked Mark Richard's 'MR' superman logo and changed it to Many Returns. I love the simplicity of the telephone number '5971'. She's a great rider too !'
The real MR logo