The Baron 12 foot wooden surfboard project part 9: The final lamination

Today the lid ( or rather the bottom panel) of the 12 foot 'Baron' woody gets laminated on, it's the moment when the new surfboard is born.A final task before we start is to sand across the frames and blocks with a 40 grit sanding board, so that they all line up nice and fairly.Ready for the epoxy and paulownia dust glop. The paulownia dust used was produced when sanding the panels.A ziplock bag with a corner cut out is used to apply resin to the frames. We have to work quickly as the heat of the hands plus hot summer weather is enough to start the resin in the bag heating up and setting prematurely.Speedy spatula work from the worker with the yellow glovesMr blue gloves squeezes accurately and doesn't panicStill going on resin batch number 5Nearly ready and the glue is still nice and softOn with the final panel, which must be placed in the correct position the first time.Workout time: a pallet load of bricks placed strategically to bend the whole board down on to the rocker jigMoaning chair inaction, and then a cup of tea.