The 'Bullet' tow in board for Gmac part 1

We're making a quiver of tow in boards for Garrett, this is the first one, called the bullet. It's been interesting to see that after advocating our low centre of gravity parallel profile concept as ideal for big wave guns and tow boards ( as well as longboards ) for the past 16 years, that tow in designers are starting to use it.Back in 1995 we were building 1.5 inch thick 7 footers. 18 inches wide with a parallel profile. Those early power surfboards were remarkably close to the present day tow in boards. They rode superbly, being thin and twangy with soft constant section round rails, but were a bit low in buoyancy for everyday surfing. Now we are revisiting the small board territory again, with a few changes.The first board will be a tunnel finned one with the option of small spitfire fin side bites, the next will be a bit longer and will be a dispacemnent tailed pintail single. The designs represent two approaches to speed and control from different ends of the spectrum. Boards three and four will have tunnel plus one and another tunnel plus two setup with a smaller tunnelAnyway here's the planshape for the Bullet: