Carwyn's board

You may have noticed that one of Carwyn Williams' old channeled thrusters is on ebay at the moment. Its from the mid 80s and has the Alder sponsers decals, is 5'11 x 191/2. A bit surfed out but a great piece of history from a Welsh legend. Carwyn turned pro and chased the tour events on a shoestring, often sleeping in his car abroad, and reached his goal of the ASP top 30 in 1988/9 , after a great season including beating world champ Damion Hardman man on man at his beloved Hossegor in 6-8 ft barrels. Devastatingly he was in a bad car crash in 1990 which left his knee severly injured. He made a gritty fight back though and missed out on the top 30 twice by one place over the next few years, which must have been gutting. A classic and popular guy though and our most successful surfer of the period.
late 80s in France, photo by Alex
1983, Thurso. Check out Richard Carter's quad with jet fins, and the classic little 2 1/2 fin Crab Island, plenty of graphics and channels .
Hossegor, 1989, photo by Alex
Thurso, '83