Greg Haugh | Fuego Urbano

My good friend, Greg Haugh, is moving to Northern Chile next month. His plan is to live there for at least the next 10-15 years reaching out to the youth of the region.

He plan is to use sports, specifically surfing, to connect with, and reach out to the young people of Chile.

He was telling me that churches in Chile teach that surfing and sports are worldly activities that are a waste of time, so he's hoping to break that mentality by helping to show the young people what a gift surfing and nature really are.

In an effort to help support Greg's endeavor, we're going to donate 15% of our online store sales from now through October 31st, to Greg.

I embedded a little youtube video of Greg tearing it up down in Costa Rica a few years ago. Also, check out Greg's blog HERE.