OM and Circle One

As a busy photographer Mike Newman of Ocean Image finds himself in all sorts of places on shoots, and being in Cornwall he often comes into contact with bits of surfing history. Here's a couple from quite a few old boards he's seen recently, including mine. Here's one I'd be very happy to look after - a lovely Ocean Magic stinger single fin from around 1976, probably made in the early Redruth factory . Its either by Pete McAllum or its an early Nigel Semmens - not sure which. An early one either way, may have been leashless originally. Its owned by Mike's friend who has had it in the garage for years.
Nigel at Porthleven 1978
Mike spotted this mid 70s Circle One while on a shoot at a workshop in Pool. Really good condition and looks like its still in use. A nice looking board probably by Jeff Townsley.