Readers boards

Above -Freedom singlefin found behind a shed.I get quite a few emails now from readers with questions about their old boards, about the boards history and shaper, is it worth anything ? and do I want to buy it? I think some people think old boards are worth a fortune because they've been in the loft for years and were some old relatives. But when you think how many thousands were produced from the mid 60s onwards and a lot have been stored , in good condition or bad. Even if you look on ebay at top condition old boards they're still pretty reasonable prices for what they are. In the US and Oz boards from the same era go for huge prices because certain shapers or surfers have hero status and everyone wants a piece of them. Over here its a lot more down to earth, a cottage industry compared to a multi national, but special because of it.
Conway singlefin and another Roger Cooper Bertlemann model
Ocean Magic by Pete Mcallum
Mandala and Chateau '41 twin fins in Wales