Wooden boards by Tadas Kuzmarskis

As you will see Tadas has build boards of various construction.

Great finish and detail with various woods and cork.

Nice touch the cork wrapped around the legrope plug.

Home foiled fins...

Now it gets interesting. A laminated plywood fish. " I used two full 18mm birch plywood sheets to cut one board. They weigh quite a lot - simply to put it - one person can not carry them. With some carefully designed bracing deck and bottom came out 4 mm thick. The board was glued from around 30 individually chambered plywood strips. "

" Since it was my first prototype, just to be on the safe side it was glassed with 2 x 4oz on top and bottom. It weights a little bit more than solid rail box type wooden board. I will be building 9 more chambered ply boards this year - mostly fishes and several mini Simmons boards. Number of people are chambering wood but I have never seen anyone using plywood - results are rewarding :) I'll keep you updated with my ply board build experience. TADAS "

Great looking board and a very interesting angle on building a board.Glue is heavy and plywood has a lot of glue and then to glue it all together , yes it all adds weight.We look forward to your future projects.