The evolution of the Laird tunnel finned surfboard

Here are the original 11'8" 'Laird' prototypes. We built two identical prototypes at the same time ( 2004) , one equipped as a singlefin and the other with a 6 inch diameter tunnel fin

 The singlefinned version, which rode well.

The tunnel finned version, which rode amazingly well:

The first fin setup, with a very thin 12 inch base bulb tipped keel fin  , and only 6 inches deep. The entire fin system was 16 inches long foreand aft. This combination resulted in one of the fastest boards I've ever ridden, a ridiculously fast section making rocket. Turns were easy and precise, but restricted to very long arcs. Shorter radius turns could be accomplished with a lot of effort, but were only required if paddlers got in the way.

Here's the second fin used for the MkII prototype, which was a great all round fin, many waves were ridden with this one in conjunction with the 6 inch tunnel and I was very happy with it. 

MkIII sporting a new bulb tipped flex fin with carbon fibre upstand, which is still on the board today.