West of Eden

Sorry West Coasters, but the East has us beat in this department:
They also have us beat in the old-people-falling-down-on-the-ice-and-breaking-a-hip department, so it balances it out.
The Holiday Season, however, is not really known for restraint, as evidenced by my in-laws family dog, Jack, who has to endure this treatment every year. It seems not even our pets are spared a healthy dose of holiday shame.
Speaking of dogs, shame, and succombing to temptation (as I did with a lovely bottle of Lagavulin 16 presented on X-mas day by the lovely Mrs. HHG), this pair awaited me this morning outside my shop.
Why do I shape with non-matching footwear? Because my previous dog struggled with restraint.
Why do I no longer shape with non-matching footwear? Because my current dog, Ben, dances with the same demons.
I had a moment of nostalgia thinking about the 200 or so boards this pair helped me carve out (as I unceremoniously tossed them into the dumpster), but reminded myself that Ben is just passing on the New Year's message that it's time to move on. Auld Lang Syne asks if old aquaintances should be forgotten, then answers its own question: nope.
Instead, it asks its audience to grab a pint, join hands with a friend, and commemorate Old Times (the translation of the song's title) by downing the draught although, "seas between us broad have roared."
And speaking of roaring seas, word on the street is that the ocean's been smiling lately up here NotB. I'm not going to personally verify it's been good or bad.
But it ain't been bad.
Happy New Year.