Black Deer Surfboards France

Paul Lefevre is a very talented artist and surfboard builder . I first met him a couple of years ago here on the Gold Coast at DMS working for Dan Mac Donald. He was a sander and polisher . He moved back to France and works with Tristan Mausse at their company " The Lucky Bastards Glassing Co." but has his own brand Black Deer surfboards.

Here is Paul working on a new shape for himself.

"The core it's an EPS high density, with wood veneer skin, No fiber, No resin (only for plug and edge) the finish is multiple coats of varnish,at the moment I try many different woods, (light, hard, and local one) always to make more light and more flex.... the boards is around 3kg"

Not wall hangers, these guys perform.

Paul is a very talented guy , making some great looking boards. Check him out at :