Roachy’s Riddler – 6’7” EVO5/6 bonzer

6’7” X 20 3/4” X 2 7/8” this Riddler comes a little different to the norm being less barrel oriented, so less V, harder rails for more drive, a little less tail rocker and a thicker foil. Designed for Peter for easy wave catching without the normal nightmare of duck-diving a wide nose egg at somewhere like Polzeath. Set up with EVO 5 fin bonzer and EVO 6 fin bonzer options. A pair of custom wood CRV rears to be sent as soon as my blasted pinkie heals (yes it’s still a mess and not surfing or power tools for a while longer – sorry Pete!).

5 fin bonzer with Kai Sallas 7" rear 5 fin bonzer with True Ames 7" rear by Tim Stafford Surfboards 6 fin bonzer with FCS G5 rears P1050671 P1050629

Hope to have a review from Roachy in the near future.