You need a "Nice Rack" to show off your board

" The Hawaiian Gun Rack is designed specifically for your home. The design gives the appearance that your board is suspended on the wall which allows you to show your surfboard and not the rack. It will turn any surfboard into a work of art!"

  • Holds up to 45lbs.
  • Anchors into drywall or studs
  • All hardware included
  • The specialty anchors are construction grade hardware that will withstand 70 psi. shear strength in 3/8" drywall, giving you the freedom to put the board anywhere on the wall you want.
  • Cork/neoprene padding for board rail protection
  • 2 anti-slip dowels
  • Extends only 10" from the wall
  • 10.5" high
  • For indoor wall or office display
  • For surfboards, snowboards, skateboards, wakeboards, kite boards, street-luges, guitars, skis and special wooden paddles

I don't normally promote commercial products , but these guys have done a nice job and after all the effort you have put into your board you want to be able to show it off well.

For more info check these guys out at :