used and abused

This Creamed Honey is a project I've been on for what feels like a year. If I was organised I probably could have done it in a couple of days, but with lots of other jobs to do and a healthy dose of faffing around its just dragged on. Now its annoying me as I really like the shape and want to get it in the water. Probably I will get it ready with perfect timing to coincide with a long summer flat spell.
Its a board that was abused when it was young and had literally 30+ dings on the underside and rails, although the deck, with its white tint , is in really good nick, once the 90s tail pad was removed ! Its a thoroughbread under those dings though, one of Kevin Cross' magic Creamed Honey fishes, 6'8 x 20 x 3 , with a beautiful original gloss finish, and wooden fin - a little on the thick side, but you can't fault art.