Circle One by Peter Drouyn

Stephane from Biarritz has sent in photos of his 6'5 Circle One made by Peter Drouyn, Australian surf champ, outspoken visionary, outsider and many more things besides. Peter came over as a guest shaper in 1979 to work with Jeff Townsley at the Circle One factory in Crediton, Devon. He shaped a load of nice singlefins like this one; nice and wide flowing shapes with round tails. This one has a resin tint on the underside and an angular late 70s spray on the deck. Looks fun to ride, thanks Stephane.
Peter Drouyn today - yes things have changed a bit since the 70s. He says he always felt like a woman trapped in a man's body and so he decided to become a lady called Westerly a few years ago. 1979
1979 Atlanic Surfer