boards for hire

With a growing collection of vintage boards and what feels like less and less space at home I'm thinking about renting out boards for display to local businesses for a modest monthly rental. I'm thinking of nice cafes, restaurants , shops or civilised bars, where they can be enjoyed by the public over tea and cake or a nice pint. Im not thinking of rowdy places like nightclubs, strip clubs, Newquay sewing club etc. . Aithough having said that a young lady stripping next to a bilbo and a creamed honey does have a strange anyway I'd like the business to preferably be in Cornwall near me. When you think about how huge surfing is in Cornwall there are virtually no historical boards on public display, so I'm sure it would be a good thing to do. The rental would be around £10 per board per month and they'd need to be insured and all that boring stuff. If interested email me.