The noseriding goal ensures that the design is a dog from the start, using noseriding as a goal is a bankrupt idea from a functional point of view.

In terms of waveriding function,  even in shorter lengths ( 9 foot range ) the anomalies of the noseriding shape are plain to see, it has no sweet spot and an unbalanced turning position which relies on slow tail pivoting.

This makes it unwieldy and highly inefficient. What is now being called the 'art' of noseriding is merely the celebration of the awkward antics required to make the hoplessly incoherent design work at a very low level of efficiency.

It's a celebration of failure, an 'emperor's new clothes' syndrome kept alive by advertising.

From this position the rider can neither accelerate when required, nor control the board properly.

A dysfunctional pose, the theory is that it is supposed to look relaxed and nonchalant but it never does because the rider is always feeling uncomfortable due to the awkard position . Relaxation comes from perfect control and balance. Noseriding is always unbalanced.