Olo of the sun unveiled

Because Roy Stuart surfboards are sculpted mathematically, they attain a pinnacle of visual and tactile art, just as mathematical precision in Renaissance and Neo Classical music did in the realm of sound.

I believe that ( at least in the context of surfboards) art IS function, and that art consists of making mathematically perfect functional objects which harmonise with the laws of physics and the forces of nature, rather than as some arbitrary expression of personal feeling.

From a visual point of view it is artisticaly most pleasing ( in my opinion ) to look at objects which are geometrically and mathematically coherent due to their uncompromising practicality.

All this was clear to me subconsciously when I was a teenager. I would buy new surfboards and keep them in my study when not in use, with the intention of admiring their beautiful lines. I found however, that instead of enjoying them I would mentally correct them.

Roy Stuart surfboards need no such correction, so they are more pleasing to the eye as well as being more efficient on the waves. The human psyche admires their perfection instinctively and intuitively, because it has an affinity for order and perfection.

Geometrically pefect curves coherently related in order harmonise with the laws of physics  ( as opposed to man made curves aimed at man made goals ) appeals to the human psyche on an instinctive level rather than a learned or social level

The curves I use are not mine, they were invented by the Great Architect.

Some discussion of the leading edge tubercules seen on the fin: