Surfboard repair/ding repair....

Regardless whether you a pro, intermediate or beginner surfer, you are going to ding your surfboard. For small minor dings, instead of dropping it off at your local surf shop for repairing, you could fix it yourself. After all, it could be costly and it could take days to be repaired. So I’ve posted a few tips on how to repair a surfboard and save money.

Clean the board. Make sure the fibreglass is wax free and perfectly clean. Make sure the ding is completely dry and clean as well (you could use a hair dryer to speed up the process). Take a knife or razor blade and trim the ding, cutting off broken edges of fibreglass and sand the immediate area with a rough sandpaper to ensure that the resin will bond. Tape the section off an area about 3cm around the ding to stop any resin from dripping onto other parts of the surfboard.

Cut a piece of fibreglass to cover the ding area, which will help secure the brittle resin and seal the repair from water entering the board.

Mix some resin and a few drops of catalyst. The more catalyst you add the faster it will harden. However, if you add to much catalyst into the mix it could heat up and become dangerous as it may catch on fire.

Then pour the resin into the ding, covering all the corners and make sure they are filled. Don’t fill it to overflowing. Then place the cloth over the ding. The cloth will absorb the resin and adhere to the ding.

Step 5
Wait for about 1-2 hours. The ding area should be completely covered and the resin totally hardened. Then sand the ding with dry sandpiper to get it flat, smooth and flush with the board.(be sure not to over-sand the board and re-open the ding). If you are a perfectionist, you can use an extra layer of gloss over the top to produce a nicer finish.